Montag, 23. Mai 2011

I`m packing my suitcase right now. 6 weeks have passed so fast...
I`m on my way back to Germany until the beginning of July. Short goodbye ~~

I will graduate university (hopefully) in 3 weeks and need to organize my Working Holiday visa and other stuff, so I will be back to Japan very soon and finally I can start my life in a new apartment with my sweet doggy-baby and my beloved Yoshimoshi XD Yeah, sweet kitsch alarm!
I`m still thinking to apply for Waseda University`s graduate school...
Anyway, summer 2011 will be exciting, so please follow me!!

Starting from Wednesday I will support my university with their "Japan Week". A whole week about Japan in Duesseldorf :)   If you`re in Germany right now please visit us.
I will be there on Wednesday and Thursday, so let`s have a nice chat :)  (although I will be busy...I try to make some free time for you)
Sadly this webpage is in German, only  ;-;

I will update someday next week with some stuff about this summer and so on.
See you soon ~~

My sweet boys ~

1 Kommentar:

  1. haaha so cute :)
    i hope the time will pass quickly for you!
    and then you hopefully can have a nice time there with your boys! <3
    i will (of course) follow you blog always(^_^)
    Take care on your flight!