Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Hey guys ~~ sorry for my late update.
Since I'm back in Germany my life is filled up stuff...~ XD Yeah...nothing special at all.
I'm spending couple of hours every day writing my last homeworks and thinking about my future. I hope I can graduate this summer and since my grades are pretty good (average of A~A+) I need to check out every option regarding my Master degree, Working Holiday and anything elese. The only fact I know: I won't live in Germany any more and finally start a 100% life in Tokyo, which was my desire for almost 8 years now.
Due to my strange university class (2 weeks fulltime from 9am until 6pm) it seems hard to get a job...on the other hand I live with my family again and in our village we don't even have ANY possible part-time jobs around...furthermore because I'm planning to go back to Japan in March~April it'll be impossible finding a shop or restaurant which will hire me for just four weeks...
My life here is plain boring and I'm looking forward to the university classes, because then I can live in Düsseldorf, which is still pretty lame if I think of Tokyo, but much nicer than spending hours in front of the PC waiting if someone has interesting posts at Facebook XD

My daily highlight is doing Skype with Yoshi...and well, we're talking for hours. I'm sad I can't be with him and Peko-kun...I miss my daily life with them. It seems so far away right now, but I know I have to get myself together and get through this boring&shitty hanging around until I have finished my university stuff. The thought of being together soon is motivating me a lot.
He has sent me a letter already and between talking senseless stuff, watching You Tube videos together (but 12.000km away) and realizing how much better we feel when we're together, I feel pretty lonely and sad here. Germany is my home, but my heart doesn't live here.

Yoshi's birthday is in two weeks. I've already bought some stuff for him and I plan to get him something nice at Tiffany (yes, they have some things for men, too ^_-)  and make some cookies since a birthday cake wouldn't survive the trip in the packet all the way to Japan.

I will try to make some updates since I plan to go shopping in the next days, but I hope you can survive a little while without a daily update. I promise to update soon since Peko will arrive next week&some other things are going on, so please follow me.

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