Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

I've finally finished the preparations for Yoshi's birthday packet which I will send the day after tomorrow ~
I also made some almond-chocolate-cookies since sending a self-made cake is simply impossible. I've bought various small things like a scarf, accesories for our pair bracelet, sweets, a new ear piercing...because I've bought the Vivienne Westwood wallet for him at Christmas, he simply had no wish at all...which made is pretty hard to find something "useful".I also made a photo collage ~ something creative and nice to kill the time here in the cold&boring Germany.

Starting from Sunday I will be in Dusseldorf and attend two classes at my university. One about classroom management and the other about modern art ~  I hope it will be at least a little bit interesting.
Since we need to be there full time (9am~6pm), I won't be able to talk to Yoshi the whole time, except Saturday and Sunday...he was already a little bit frustrated since he needs to spend his birthday without our daily web camera session. His best friend has moved to Nagoya some months ago and so he is still thinking what to do. Sad, sad...but maybe I will return to Tokyo after my classes. My holiday will start on February 5th for about one month and since there are so many complicated things with Peko-kun and all the stuff he is thinking to use his parents' birthday money to get me an airplane cute ^-^ He wants to get the ticket on Monday. Let's hope there are still some cheap ones around.
Steffi and I have found a pretty cool flat share close to the airport. We will live together with a sweet couple, both are around 30 years old. We will have our own bath room and a small, but nice bed room for the 12 days. Will be party every night XD  Feels like we're 17 again...sleeping in the same bed, watching Japanese dramas and talking until morning~  nice.
I hope I can do some shopping, go to a hairstylist to colour my hair& get new gel nails...especially if I go back to Tokyo earlier than expected. And of course I'm looking forward to meet some of my dear friends.
More updates+photos starting from Sunday ~~ I promise.

See you soon ~~


  1. naaaw how cute. Your boyfriend will definetely love those thoughtful presents! hope you guys can be together again soon!