Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Hope you all had a a great start into 2011 ~~

31th all pet hotels were closed and so we had no other option than staying at home with Peko. We bought a huge set KFC chickens (10 pieces XD) and tasty nut-caramael sweets from our favourite shop.

Then we simply watched TV, talked with my family through Skype a little while and just had a relax day at home.
Next day we celebrated New Year`s day typical Japanese&visited Meji shrine in Harajuku ~~
Afterwards we had dinner in Shibuya&I was looking for some pullovers since Germany is really cold at the moment&I don`t have much winter clothes. I`ve found some nice things which I will buy tomorrow   *^o^*

I just have three days left...don`t wanna go home yet...2 months Germany sound so incredible boring XD

Peko smiles when we trickle him on the stomach ~~

LOL XD He wanted to draw a rabbit...but it looked like Pikachu XD


  1. the dog are so cute〜
    your pictures are very nice ^^

    hug Bibi :3

  2. You three are very cute ^^

    & omg that last piece of chocolate cake........... *drool*
    I want it! D: