Freitag, 21. Januar 2011

Today I have found the last and perfect present for Yoshi at Leonardo ~  I'm happy. My home town is really tiny and there aren't many nice shops first I wanted to buy sunglasses by Chanel, but since we will have our anniversary day soon, I think I will wait and buy it in March ^-^

Afterwards I've met Steffi for a coffee&cake session ~  nice day. Now I will relax while watching "The X-Files" XD

Tomorrow webcamera session ~ one day without is like hell to me ^^"

Next week I will be able to make a HUGE shopping round XD So I've checked J-fashion magazines like CanCam&JJ for some nice inspirations ~ I hope I can find something similar at H&M or some other shops around.
I SO need new short pants&skirts. And I'm really into a brown pullover, brown boots&brown hat look...I can't wait for spring XD
Today I got myself new black overknee-boots ^-^ *happy*

I'm in love with  "Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta"~ great drama! If you have the chance, please watch it ~

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