Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Yahoo ~~

One week left ^,^v
And I still have plenty of things to do ^^" Visting my doctor for the yearly check, buying presents, some cosmetic, getting books+copies for my BA-thesis and last but not least I need to visit my university to have a small talk about my thesis+final homework...
Anyway, it's my father's birthday tomorrow and I went shopping with my mother to get some small presents. He's not that into presents but anyway ~ it's nice to get presents even if you don't expect them, right?
While we walked through our tiny city I've found a sweet shop selling shoes...and yeah, I had to buy something ^^"
Too cheap to ignore. And too cute to leave behind...especially since I have seen them in "Vivi" sometime ago.

Now I have four pairs which I will take back to Tokyo and I really hope the weight of my suitcase will be ok ~
I've bought tons of Lindt chocolate, German chocolate can never be wrong as presents for some of my dear people ~ and it seems that my bf's boss wants to meet me...together with the whole staff.  So I've spent 40 Euro for 2 packets of chocolate today ^^" I'm broke. I really am.
But I'm curious about his team...we will go drinking in the middle of October. Will be funny for sure ~
The Yen is still so strong...I will get my money on Monday and I'm thinking about the perfect days in 2006 when 1 Euro was about 170 Yen... (;_;) Now it's around 110 Yen....100 Euro = 11.000 Yen    *cries*

I'm planning to visit Dusseldorf on Saturday to hang out with some of my people. I haven't seen some of them for months, so I'm happy to see them ^.^v
I will make a cake tomorrow and start writing the first pages of the BA-thesis ~~  the final days will quickly pass by...can't believe I'll return next week...seems like a dream.

Today's webcamera photo XD

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