Samstag, 11. September 2010

No motivation ^^"
But anyway, I've started reading some of the books for my BA-thesis. The topic "Japanese women in modern Japan". It's more about sociology instead of social sciences, but since I'm thinking about going to Waseda University if I can get some financial support, it'll help me a lot writing about this stuff   ヽ(´ー`)┌   ~~ my major at Waseda will be "International Realtions" and my major field of study deals with the daily life  in Japan and intercultural problems.
I know this BA-thesis is my final step of graduating...but since my report is 1,2 average/ A, I have no fear at all. Even if it ends up worse, I'm still having an average of 1,4 XD
I just don't want to stay here in my room whole day...I want to write at Starbucks or Mac Donald back home ~~ sadly I live with my parents for the time being...and so there is no way out of here. I live in a 3000 population village somewhere in Germany... XD  And you can imagine how different it can be living close to Shibuya or together with some cows and pigs in a forest  (^_^;)

On Tuesday I may know about my university schedule. If I can enter the intensive class, which will be held from 20th ~ 23rd I can return to Japan without any problems. If not, then.......
I have a huge problem XD  But anyway, although only 30 students are allowed to enter, I'm positive. I already have sent a mail to my professor, explaining the situation and my huge need being in this seminar (^_-) If it works, I will book my flight back next week. I was planning to go back around 29th, but since my bf has 4 days off from work starting from October 4th I'm thinking to catch an airplane around this time...if there is a cheap one left...which is my next fear ( ゚ Д゚)
We want to celebrate our 6-months anniversary (October 6th) in Disneyland (・∀・) Yes, doing childish and innocent stuff is really what I need right now ( ̄ー ̄) And afterwards dinner in Odaiba ~ which was our first date.

Anyway, I'm optimistic it will work out somehow (≧∇≦)/
I'm off now ~~ Webcamera-Session-Time ~~ 

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