Samstag, 18. September 2010

Hello ~~ ^-^

Starting from Sunday I will go back to Dusseldorf to attend my last (finally!!) class. It will be about education and the organisation of meetings/classes/presentations. Wow...I can't wait  ^^" It will be soooo exciting... not  笑 
Anyway, I will stay in a hotel and it seems I have W-LAN ~ ^,^v  *
I'm planning to meet some people who I haven't seen in ages...hope I won't be too busy.

Today my bf and I had a long talk about our apartment.
At the moment we live in a small, 23qm apartment in Sangenjaya. It's really close to Shibuya (by train I'm at Hachiko in just 15min), but that means: expensive...
for no space...
It's a nice apartment, really modern. But all in all, if you think that there's the kitchen+bath room+toilet, our living space is just 15qm...
Since we really really really get along well it wouldn't be that bad, but our apartment cats+dogs are not allowed.
It was always my big dream to have a dog again. My family's dog died 8 years ago. He became 14 years old and all the time my mother mostly took care of him. I was busy being a teenager ~ ^^"  Not knowing how fantastic it can be having a dog.
Now I finally realized what I have missed and for some years now I'm thinking to get a small dog.  My bf is crazy about dogs, so that's our little wish.
We really want to buy a dog.
We already checked various apartments in August. Both of us want to have a stylish, pretty modern apartment close to Shibuya (bf = work, me = shopping ^^"). And the best place would be Sangenjaya. You have plenty of supermarkets there...stylish restaurants, Star Bucks, can spend a whole day in Sangenjaya without getting bored and we both lived there for more than 3 years now. That's "our" place.
Now you will think: Yeah! And why don't you move to a bigger place???
Well, our apartment is roughly about 80.000 Yen a month (=  ~ 800$). Our dream apartment will be 35qm, pets ok, bath room+toilet are seperated, the apartment house is new (not older than 5 years), auto locked doors...all in all, we want a glamorous apartment  XD
This will be about 100.000 Yen, maybe more. Money isn't that big problem since my bf and I can afford it, but sadly there aren't many apartments which hit the criterions of "being perfect". Many are really old...others are incredibly expensive (2000$/month)...or simply not ok for dogs...
We found two apartments in the end of August, but sadly the move-in-date was in September...and since I'm still in Germany and bf has to work and no holiday, there was no chance of moving to the new place...
So starting from November/December we will start looking for a new place. In October we will buy new furniture, a new bed and some decorations. I will take some photos of our apartment ~ you will see how tiny it looks like with a double bed ^^"
In truth, most love hotel rooms have more space than we have ~~ quite amusing.
We both want to have a modern&simple black/white style in our room, since some of our furniture are already in the same colour. But: I want to have black&white photos ~ and decoration ^-^ A little bit more personal. 
I found a nice photo which shows my bf's and my personal taste... (just add some pictures on the wall, a great candleholder on the ceiling+some flowers...).
Let's hope we can find a place like this ~ 

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  1. Hey =)
    Ich habe deinen Blog grade gefunden, der erste deutsche blogger den ich einfach so finde :D
    du wohnst in japan ?
    ich bin so neidisch D:
    wie hast du denn ein visum dafür gekriegt ?
    ich will schon seit ich 12 bin unbedingt in japan einen laden aufmachen und da leben :D

    wie ist denn 109? ich will auch hachiko sehen ;__;
    sowas darfst du dir bestimmt total oft anhören, aber ich bin einfach so begeistert vom teuren Japan...
    wieviel kostet denn ein hin und rückflug genau und wo kriegt man das am billigsten ?
    Ich würde mich freuen wenn du mir auf meine blog als kommentar antworten könntest :D