Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

Alright, Sarah here ^.^v

I simply had enough of LJ and everything ~ but I still want to stay in contact with some of my friends in Germany, so welcome to my new blog \(^_^)/

I haven't updated LJ for such a long time. I am sorry ~ some of you also sent
mails to me asking if I'm alive (>_<) I'm fine...I just didn't have enough
time for LJ. I'm new to this stuff here, so I'm still checking out
how to post things and so on ~
But from now on this blog will become my blog which I will try to update at least
once a week. With a lots of photos and some stuff about my life (^_~)

These days there isn't much new stuff going on. I'm writing my BA-thesis,
staying at home most time. Next week I am planning to buy 

my air plane ticket back to Japan.  
4 weeks Germany are definetly enough  (ó_O)

Yoshi and I are planning about Christmas already. In all these years I
have never been in Japan around Christmas. But since it's his only holiday,
I promised him to stay in Japan at least until January. 

Will be really nice though... one time Christmas abroad is a great thing ^.^v
Anyway, I'm busy doing my stuff but on the other hand I'm bored
as hell doing nothing than studying...
Can't wait to write my BA-thesis in my beloved Starbucks in Shibuya... (♥_♥)


1 Kommentar:

  1. Nice blog!!!
    So you live in Tokyo! WOW!! I have family there, but...not money to go so often... In fact, I have gone only twice :(
    How's that that you're a student and are in Tokyo? I want to know more about going to Japan :P
    Please feel free to visit my blog! :)
    Take care there in Tokyo now.. :S