Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

Yahoooooo ~~

Yeah, I know. I'm too early back from university...
Anyway, my teacher fell sick (no joke!!) and so the class has ended today XD
Well, I returned back to my family's house since I could save money for the hotel room.
Somehow I'm glad about it because my room had no W-LAN or TV there. I can live without TV, because I never had one in my German apartment and I prefer a good movie instead of lame series or talk shows.
BUT! I can't live without internet XD  I mean, especially since I really missed doing webcamera sessions and all this stuff...

I got myself new shoes *^.^*
And I spent some time with my old friends ~~ ^o^  We hang out in Cafe Relax, just like the good old time. If there is some time left I want to return next weekend and stay at Lena's place ~ would be too nice hanging around a whole night XD

My final university class was really ok ~ nothing special about it. Here one photo ~
I was bored a little XD  That's the way Steffi and I have spent the past 3 years ^^"

Drinking coffee and killing time...^_-

Today morning Steffi informed me of the absence of our teacher (no internet = no E-Mail = unknwoing Sarah)...and yeah, I just returned, put all my things back into my suitcase and took a 3 hours train/bus ride back to my home town.
My family is spending their holiday in Egypt, so until next Monday I have the whole house just for myself ~~ only 2 weeks left until I return back to Tokyo ~  I can't wait ^.^ Want to cuddle with someone sooo badly ;_;
Now: Webcamera Session ~ 



  1. those boots are so cute! love it! haha and i love it when teachers are sick, but hate it when you find out after you got to university then you have to travel all the way back home :( or else go shopping :)

  2. Thanks a lot ^^ They were incredibly cheap...just about 25$ XD I just had to buy them ~~

    Yep...especially since I'm living far away and spent money for the hotel and all this stuff...
    I'm just SO happy that I don't need to go back to university until January XD

  3. I like ur space y follow u!!!!