Mittwoch, 18. April 2012

On Monday we went to the German embassy to get the last documents and stamps. Now we're ready to send it back to Germany. We hope everything will work out fine. If yes, we are going to marry in the end of next month :)

Since the appointment at the embassy was really early, we were so tired (getting up at 7am at your only day off isn't nice...). Since we had to visit the photo studio in Omotesando again, we had to wait until the late afternoon. Three coffees couldn't keep us awake and so we headed to a 90 minutes round of karaoke. A good choice! We were full of power while we were trying on dresses afterwards.
Yoshi's family has a big tradition of wedding photos and so we are doing a big photo shooting again in the middle of June. Three kimono and two dresses. It will take more than 10 hours and we are able to create our own album out of our 25 favourite photos. I'm really looking forward to the result. 

My new classroom shoes ~ all teachers got the same shoes, but different colours.
I don't own any pink things and so I  thought it's time for a change XD

Our wedding rings have arrived from Ginza ~ they are beautiful.
I'm glad we decided to get custom-made ones...


  1. woooooooow wie schön*-* ich will auch heiraten XDD
    Ich freu mich auf das Shooting, das wird sicher super :3

  2. I'm so glad for you ! (even if I dunno you)
    I can't wait to read the next chapter of your adventures haha
    It is always a pleasure to see how your boyfriend and you love each other !
    I hope the same things will happen to me and my bf

  3. your wedding rings are so pretty! Hope all the paperwork gets done for u so that you can have your lovely wedding soon!

  4. ringe würde ich immer anfertigen lassen >.<
    ..und das fiese bei shootings ist immer! das auswählen der bilder... >_<

  5. Sweety,diese Woche zeit für skype?

    also doch schon im Mai (*__*)

    Wenn wir nach Sommer wieder iin Shibuya chillen,bist du schon unter der Haube,unglaublich~


  6. und ja ich weiss das mit skype frag ich jede woche xD

  7. ^.^ I really love your look. red hair is cool ;)

  8. Hübsche Hochzeitsringe ♥ Damals wollte ich anfangs auch nur einen Stein, dann entschied ich mich aber für die Version mit 3 Steinen (ein großer in der Mitte und 2 kleine rechts und links vom großen).
    Habt ihr Weißgold gewählt (sieht man auf dem Foto jetzt nicht richtig)?
    Die pinken Schuhe sind voll süss ♥ Ich würde mit meinen großen Füßen vermutlich total bekloppt aussehen xD
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Awwwwwww I'm also looking forward to seeing the wedding photo shooting!! *0*
    Funny shoes xD Japanese schools are amazing!
    I imagine Peko bringing the rings at the wedding, don't you? Ahahaha! It would be nice *_*