Montag, 9. April 2012

This weekend's weather was simply amazing.
Sunday was our anniversary, but we couldn't do something special since we had  a meeting with our wedding planer again.
We have finally set the date for the party in Japan and now we just need to prepare the wedding in Germany...we're still not sure if we set it in August or in December. Another upcoming event will be the big kimono shooting. Yoshi's parents will come to Tokyo for one weekend in June. We are so busy with preparing...but it's fun anyway.

Since we had a long lunch time on Sunday we walked around Odaiba a little bit. Beside turtles on the beach we also experienced a visit in the trick art museum which was pretty nice.

Today it was a sunny day and we decided to make a Hanami in a park close by...we spent more than four hours. It was so nice...I wish my weekend would continue but tomorrow I need to go back to work (;_;) And Saturday and Sunday will be school events, so I will only have Monday left...
Anyway ~ I can't wait for Golden Week ^.^


  1. haha die bilder oben sind ja lustig XDD
    UNd die Hanamibilder sind toll :D Ich will auch mal Hanami machen (;O;)

  2. wow die bilder im trick art museum sind ja cool :D
    da muss ich auch mal hin ^-^/
    das mit eurer hochzeit klingt alles so spannend :)
    ich bin schon so auf bilder gespannt :D hehe
    die hanami bilder sind auch wunderschön <3 ;A;
    liebe grüße~

  3. cute ^^

  4. Love all the photos the museum ones were so cute lol
    And the Sakura look so pretty!

  5. Peko ist so ein tolles Fotomodel! ♥
    Die Bilder vom Hanami sind so toll!!! Ihr habt die Schildkröten am Strand von Odaiba gesehn?! Wie toll!!!
    Liebe Grüße

  6. Sooooo sweet! Hope you two had a wonderful anniversary! xx