Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Happy Golden Week everyone ~

At first: A big THANK YOU! to Starbucks :) I've had fantastic 10 months at this shop. I've met so many wonderful people&had such a nice team...I'm sure I will miss my days with you :)
Today will be my last day in my uniform...but you can be sure that I won't forget my days with you!

Last week Stefffi&I had lot of work to handle but found some time for a coffee at the Dog Cafe near my station.

Since the whole week was rainy Yoshi and I just had a shopping day on our day off. Tomorrow the weather will be good and we can't wait to go somewhere...maybe Kamakura for a beach walk? Still not sure.

I've spent way too much money on clothes this weekend...but much

Yoshi gave me a bread machine for White Day&it's so damn good...I have a new hobby XD

Happy Golden Week for those in Japan ~hope you have good time!

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  1. Aw die "Ray" habe ich grade erst für mich entdeckt, eine tolle Zeitschrift ♥
    Ich hoffe du hattest einen tollen letzten Tag bei Starbucks, das erste Foto ist voll süss!
    Liebe Grüße