Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Helloooooo ~

Today&tomorrow are my days off from work.
At first I was thinking to meet up with Eri, my lovely Japanese friend who already had her debut on this blog in July.  But since a packet from Germany will arrive until 7pm I need to stay here ( I already missed it three times&if I won't be here today it will return...noooooooo....) .
Sadly her work has holiday on Saturday&Sunday, so we can't meet that often since I mostly work on weekends...
But next week's Monday will be ok for dinner :) 

Enjoying dinner at La Pausa Shinjuku some days ago ~
Anyway...I'm still waiting for the packet to arrive XD
I used this free day to clean the apartment, play with Peko-kun&enjoy a long walk with him.
Tomorrow morning I have some work, but if Yoshi and I will be lucky we're free after 3~4pm. We really want to go to Odaiba with Peko-kun ~~ ^o^ Beach time!

Beautiful sunset behind our apartment...I love those carefree days :)


  1. Awwwww how cute Peko is!!! >0<
    Hope all of you enjoy your beach time!
    I want to go someday again...but I started university classes yesterday =_=
    Good luck with your packet! ;D