Sonntag, 25. September 2011

weekend for me♥

Yoshi came to Starbucks to pick me up with a bunch of flowers. How sweet....

Anyway, I'm free tomorrow and meet Cori&Eri :)  On Monday Yoshi&I are planning to go to Odaiba if the weather won't kill our plan again.

One problem about living  in Japan is not having enough space in your apartment. Kitchens and bath rooms are tiny.
I love to cook, but without a real oven it's pretty boring.
Now Yoshi and I got to know that his microwave has an oven option&and so I tried to make my first cake.
Since I wasn't sure if the oven will be able to take this challenge I didn't buy a baking dish and just put the cake in some kind of baking paper.
So the cake became pretty ugly...but sooo tasty!
I will try to make various cakes&cookies from now on ~~  and buy a real baking dish XD

1 Kommentar:

  1. Wie suess von Yoshi >///<
    Hoffe alles klappt mit dem Ausflug nach Odaiba und viel Spass mit Cori&Eri~

    Meine Frendin, die gerade bei mir ist, sagt ihr solltet euch verloben, weil ihr so suess zusammen seid XD