Montag, 19. September 2011

Hello Mr. Typhoon...I am looking forward to see you on Wednesday XD

Sadly a typhoon will cross Tokyo on Wednesday/Thursday...Thursday is the holiday of my bf&me ^^" Hope the rain won't be too strong...

Anyway, today I visited sweet Eri in Shinjuku. We had a fantastic chilling time&she made the best dinner for me :)  I've brought some cake from a famous bakery close to Futako-Tamagwa station.
Great design, fantastcic taste.

I also played with her cat Chobi. Sadly I have a bad cat allergy and get teary&red eyes whenever I spend too much time with one in the same room...happily my allergy reaction wasn't that bad and I totally fell in love with her.

Here are the pics :)


  1. Hoffe bei euch ist alles ok und euer freier Tag fällt nicht "ins Wasser" ;D
    Kommt hier sogar ständig in den Nachrichten...
    Ich schau so gern deine Bilder an xD
    liebe Grüße :3

  2. @lisa
    Leider fiel der Tag ins Wasser ;) Aber Montag dann endlich...
    Danke ~ und ich mag deine Family Bilder. Hoffentlich haben wir bald die Chance Fotos zusammen zu machen!