Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

   Hello ~ 
We have finally moved into our dream apartment and we also got internet today. At the moment I'm busy with job interviews, so no time for big updates.
The past two days it's raining since a huge typhoon is crawling along the coast of Japan. But it was a nice break from the summer heat.
Hope you guys have a nice summer holiday ^-^ I will make a photo update about the new furniture which we have bought at Donky Hot XD  Yes...somehow Donky had the best stuff and even defeated IKEA and Nidori XD 

We have so many ideas...but it will take months to realize them since it'll cost a little...

My new chill-out Staba ~~~

Mc Flurry at the station around 2 am...nice :)


  1. klingt voll stressig ww
    daumen nach oben: starbucks ww

  2. Congratulations for achieve your dreamed appartment! :P
    You're in Tokyo, right? Are you looking for a job related to what tou studied, or just a part-time job? Is it easy to get a job there? Because in Spain I don't get any interview!!

  3. @Rina Jaaa XD Unser Eki hat echt alles...aber drei Staba sind schon mal sehr gut XD

    Since I have decided to continue my education with a Master degree at the Open University, I'm looking for a job with the most flexible schedule&best payment. I have a BA in educational sciences and I could work as teacher, but sadly most positons are full-time...I want to work three or four times per week.
    I already had some interviews and up to now all were ok and I could get the job. But most offer too much or too less working hours, so I will go to interviews until next week and then make a decision.
    I think it's hard to get the "right" job in Japan...but it depends on your education. And like everywhere in the world it's all about luck ^^

  4. ich drück dir ganz doll die daumen, dass du schnell einen guten job findest !!!=)

    und glückwunsch, dass ihr eure traumwohnung gefunden habt !!=)

  5. Na dann richtet euch mal schön ein :)
    Und ich drück dir die Daumen, dass jetzt auch noch deinen Traumjob findest :3

  6. @lisa
    Danke ^^
    Ich mail dir so bald ich mal etwas Ruhe habe ~~ :)

  7. awww are so cute you two n.n! <3 Wi apartment congratulations n.n

  8. Congrats on moving in your new apt! Hope your having lots of fun!


  9. @Lizzy
    Thank u :)

    Thanks :)

  10. Thank you for answering me! :D
    I hope you'll show us your new appartament! Will you? :P