Samstag, 30. Juli 2011

 Hellllooooo ~ from rainy Tokyo ~
Starting next week I will attend the Starbucks Barista School close to Shibuya for four days and afterwards I join the shop in Futako ~
Today I have to talk about some things regarding my uniform and so on and now I'm waiting for my boss to call me :)

Last night Yoshi and I had some free time and we decided to eat Yakiniku. Afterwards we had some fun in the game centre close by. Purkira, shooting games and...a drum game.
Yoshi was a member of a band for almost three years and all of his friends are saying his skills are awesome. I didn't believe his friends' words until last night when he played the drum game XD It was the first time to see him playing. He had to leave his drum set back in his home town when he moved to Tokyo.

Only few days left until our summer holiday in Kochi starts...I'm SO looking forward to it.

Peko, the Killer XD


  1. i love the puricura n.n

    wuau a drummer!yeah! xD

  2. habt ihr eure neue Wohnung schon eingerichtet! ;)