Montag, 4. Juli 2011

I'm on my way back to Tokyo :)

I've got some awesome presents from my family including a nice dinner in a typical German restaurant...
I will miss them all. I still have a feeling that I will come back in autumn and attend university like in the past 3 years...but it's finally over and a new life is waiting in front of me. It would be a lie if I say that I'm not afraid...I'm excited and nervous, wondering if everything will be part-time job, my Master-degree at the Open University...
Ah, by the way~ I've finally made a decision against Waseda. I was in love with the idea of going to an elite-university, but there are things in my life which are more precious to boyfriend&our free time together, visiting my family in Germany at least two times a year...I know it was also a decision against a high salary, but I don't want to work 60 hours a week without having time to enjoy things. Life is really short and even though I won't have the most expensive car, the biggest apartment, the best brand mark fashion...I have my freedom, which is invaluable.
In October I will start to study eEducation at the Open University^.^v  eEducation is a mix of modern media&education. I'm looking forward to it ~

I've taught my mother how to use Facebook and her E-Mail account, which is pretty amusing since she isn't into computer at all. My father is on business trips sometimes and on these days we always have used the telephone to stay in contact (not cheap at all...), but from now on she can contact me through FB&E-Mail XD  Sweet.

In about 24 hours I will already arrive in Narita. I think I will update on Wednesday ^-^b

Wish you a nice summer holiday ~~


  1. Hoffe du kommst gut an und dass alles läuft wie du es dir vorgestellt hast! :3
    Ich komme dich dann mal in Tokyo besuchen (^___~)
    Halt mich auf dem Laufenden ♥