Sonntag, 12. Juni 2011

Mr. Mini-Dog ~

The books for my BA-thesis...

I'm sorry for my lack of updates in the past days...

Most of you know that I live in a really small city in Germany and here is NO action at all.
Here a tiny overview about the biggest hightlights in the last week:

  •  I've finally made it and hand in my BA-thesis ~I will have my final oral examination on June 27th ~

  • I've applied for the Working Holiday visa ~ and I can take my passport+visa home around next week
  • I'm preparing for my final test on Thursday ~ I need to make an presentation about the emotional and social aspects of robots in Japan ~ if it's immoral to develop humanoid robots etc ~  and the reason why Japanese people are open-minded if it comes to topics like humanoid robots in care centres and so on ~strange topic for a social studies major, huh? I was surprised.
  •  I'm looking for an airplane ticket back to Japan...sadly I'm still confused if I should buy it or not...  I'm afraid that my university is making a mistake (again!) and they change the date or my teacher will be sick...if this happens and the date is set on the day when I plan to go back to Tokyo it means I would lose my airplane ticket (1000$), since no insurance is covering in such a I need to call my university office on Tuesday and ask about the situation and if it's ok if I already buy the ticket...complicated...

Anyway, I'm planning to return to Tokyo on July 4th. This time I won't use JAL since the tickets are incredibly expensive. I think I return with Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines. And Peko will be allowed to travel in the cabine with me. I just need to get a new bag for him ~

I can't wait to return to Tokyo...this summer will be so nice... ^o^ Yoshi will also have two holidays when I we can spend some time without his busy job ^___^
I want my life bag ;_; Spending time with Facebook isn't really the life I have dreamt of XD
Well, three weeks...just three weeks...I try to hold on XD


  1. Awwww such a cute dog!

    Glad to hear you're going back home! Haha good luck with everything!


  2. Peko! That's funny! My brother calls Peko to his girlfriend xD
    Good luck to back to Tokyo! And GANBATTE with your exams! :) When I read your blog I think that staying in Japan is easier than I think, it!? =_= I have family there but I can't just go and stay there doing nothing!! (It would be nice but... xD)

  3. @ Emy
    Thanks, yeah...he is sweet :) But in real he can be a tramp, too XD

    No, I think it's really hard to stay in Japan...
    The past 2 years I was there with university scholarships doing my internships...which means I had to have really good grades (average of A) in all subjects...and of course it wasn't just a holiday.
    This time I go back with a Working Holiday visa, work part-time to save some money for my Master-degree.
    All in all, it's a lot of work. You need to have much money (that's the reason why I had two part-time jobs beside university in 2009...XD) and the most important thing is that you need a real plan. I always wanted to live in Japan after my graduation. Going to graduate school is incredibly expensive (here in Germany most universities are almost free...) and if you want to enter a good university you need to have a perfect BA-degree...
    I haven't expected moving in with my boyfriend that fast XD He is a great help in so many things. And of course he's a big plus in my reason to go back to Japan that fast.

    Having family there is helps you if you can stay with them.
    All in all, I think going to Japan isn't easy at all...but if you have the motivation, a real plan and enough time and money...I think you can make it :)