Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Finally I'm not a student anymore...I've obtained my degree in Educational Sciences on Monday ^-^
The oral examination was somehow a big fail though XD XD  Anyway, doesn't matter. My grades of the whole eight semester are all around A~A+, so there is no problem at all.

Happyyyyyy ~~

I will continue my education with a Master-degree and so I'll be a student for two more years...but : It's a nice feeling to be free XD

I also have five job interviews next week. I had an interesting Skype interview with one of the biggest private organizations for exchange students in Japan today morning. It sounds so nice to help out in the office and with their exchange students who will go to Germany after summer vacation...I will get some more information at the second interview in Tokyo next week. It seems they also looking for people who will continue working for them...which would be my big chance.
Wish me luck (●´ω`●)ゞ

Now I'm off to get my nails done and meet Steffi for coffe  ^-^

5 days left...can't wait :)


  1. Congrats!! :D
    Good luck for your oral exam mark!
    I'm looking for a job for months, and I haven't had an interview yet!!
    I'll have to go to Germany xD
    I would like to go to Tokyo, stay with my family and to have a part-time job, but maybe it's difficult...what do you think? :P

  2. herzlichen glückwunsch!!! :)
    und der job klingt wirklich super :D
    ich wünsche dir viel glück ^-^/

  3. glückwunsch!!! klingt wie immer toll xD
    werd dich auf jeden fall diese woche mal ancallen ww sag mir bescheid wann es ca passt hehe
    übrigens hab meinen blog neu gestartet u irgendwie alle leser verloren lol

  4. @Mikirin~☆
    Thanks ~
    I think starting a job is difficult everywhere...Japan has long working hours and only few days off a year...I wouldn't working here if it wasn't a school or an international company XD
    More than money, I think free time is precious. Of course I want to keep a life standard which offers enough money to enjoy shopping, a trip, a nice apartment...but I want to enjoy my money XD If I work 12 hours everyday and just have 2 weeks off a's counterproductive from my point of view.
    But if you live the life you want, having a job you enjoy, many things are easier. Even taking overtime sometimes.
    If you have the right education (Bachelor or Master degree in an occupational area which is needed in Japan)...why don't you try? ^^ But never go without a real plan and the right university degree. I know many people who have studied Japanese only and work part-time in some 800 Yen/hour job... you need to be qualified. The best: Study robotics XD Then you can go to Japan, get scholarships easily, work abroad...

    Danke schön ^-^ Ich berichte wie's ausgeht ^^

    Hab dir gerad ein Kommi geschrieben XD
    JAA! Ruf mich an ~~~ bin da XD Noch...

  5. sehr schöner blog! :)
    Viel Erfolg fürs Interview. Die Arbeitsstelle klingt wirklich verlockend!

  6. @Goya
    Danke ^-^ Freut mich, das zu hören :x

    Jaaa...danke ~ mal sehen was so kommen wird!

  7. Good luck on your interviews!! n_____n//

  8. Congratulations! Wish you the best of luck ^^

  9. @Suteisi
    Thank u ^.^
    @Quarter Void
    Thanks dear ~ see you soon :)

  10. Congrats!!!
    What company was that? I wish you luck on it!!! Sounds like a good chance!

    I hope you have fun being back in japan too^^ I'm really jealous!! :]