Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

Back again ^o^

I had a week full of BA-thesis things...but I still have the feeling I`m too slow. And that I write way too much ^^; 50 pages limit isn`t  a lot since I write about Japanese women and their change from the passive housewife to the well-educated single-mother...

Anyway, here a small declaration of love to Starbucks Shibuya. Since I have Peko with me, I need a pet friendly place to hang out and no place is better than the Staba close to Donky Hot ~ fanatstic (dog keeping) people, nice sand caring staff...I have spent the past year over there whenever it was time for a coffee (and this happens nearly every day XD)
and you always meet someone for an interesting chat or a simply chill-out.

Aki`s LOL fashion of the day. Simply cute XD
By the way ~ Yoshi dislikes his short hair a lot and so he uses a wig for the days when he`s off from work XD  I really think it makes him look a lot younger and you would never expect that he is working for such a good company ;)
Golden Week starts and we JUMP into it XD

Choco-Vanilla-Cake... = LOVE!


  1. 50 pages is too much to me haha! The limit on my thesis will be just 16 pages, but I agree if you have a lot of info its hard to edit down.

    That's too bad your boyfriend can't have the hairstyle he wants (that's so Japanese ><) but I'm sure short hair suits him also. Cute photos!

  2. You and your bf look so cute! ^o^ I'm glad Starbucks is pet-friendly!

    Whoa! 50 pages is A LOT for me! O_O;; Congrats on writing that haha! But on the topic you chose, there is a lot to write about so I can understand it being around that ^^;;

    Have fun during Golden Week!

  3. OMG I am scared of writing my Thesis. Although it still a long way until I have to write one ^^

    I think that's so funny what Yoshi does. Although it shows how fashionable he is. I also wanna have a boyfriend like that xD

    May I ask how old yoshi is?

    yo seem so hard-working^^
    Good luck with your thesis~

  4. @ SARA MARI
    16 pages is a like a dream to me *_* Our normal housework at the end of each term is always a homework with 10~15 pages...
    Mosy universities have a limit of 30 pages. My university is really strange and the minimum must be around 45 pages up to 50... O_O
    Well, I already have 30 and now I`m worrying that 50 are too less XD Although I have never expected this...

    Yeah. The typical "I hate the typical Japanese salaryman hair cut"-trauma... XD
    He already had short hair in high school and really dislikes it. But I like him with short hair, too ^^

    I`m around 30 pages right now...and I still have to write more than three chapters <_<
    I`m so happy when all this stuff is over...
    Anyway, thanks ^^

    Hard-working XD Well, if you have an aim, you always have more power to do the "unhappy" stuff XD
    Yoshi is 24 :)