Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Our trip to Kamakura was so nice!
I`ve been there about five years ago and I really wanted to go there again, but somehow I always didn`t make it.  Since Yoshi has never visited Kamakura before, we decided to go there in summer...on the day we wanted to go it was already 35 degrees at 11am...and it became the hottest day in Japan for we quitted XD  Too hot to walk around.
On Tuesday we rent a car and visited all shrines in the city, enjoyed Starbucks under the cherry blossoms and ate dinner at a restaurant close to the sea.

At night we went back to Yokohama, checking out Minato-Mirai and ate wonderful 31 ice cream.
We also got lost two times since the navigation system didn`t know about the new building site XD It was pretty amusing ending up in nowhere, finding so many beautiful Sakura trees ~~

From now on we`re thinking to make many trips around Tokyo. Next one will be Nikko ^o^
Going by car is so have your favourite music, can stop anywhere you want to...

Now I get myself ready to go to Shibuya. Today is Yoshi`s first day at his new job...all of his colleagues are from university, he is the only one who has worked in a different business before. He was so nervous, wondering if he wil be accepted that easily...can`t wait to hear his story tonight.


  1. What lovely pictures! Spring time looks so beautiful!

    Aw, your dog is too cute!

  2. It looks like so much fun...And the PIctures are so beautiful~
    Good Luck for yoshi and his Job!

  3. Oh I love your pictures *___*
    och wart mal ich könnte mit dir deutsch schreiben nicht wahr?
    kann ich dich mal fragen wie du an solch eine echt smarten Japaner geraten bist? ^///^''

    *hug* Bibiより

  4. @みか☆ちゃん
    Spring is simply amazing here... :) Thanks ^^

    Thank u ^^

    *lach* Yep, Deutsch geht auch ;)
    XD Sein Stalker-Blick und ewiges Herschauen waren sehr einladend und da hab ich mir gedacht, dass ich einfach mal ruebergehe und schau, was wird XD War kein Fehler :) Er ist durch und durch perfekt.

  5. Hach kennst du per zu fall noch so ein paar Japaner? ^^'' xDD
    Das war wirklich kein Fehler, da passt der Satz: wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt ^^

  6. @ヴィヴィ
    Also ich denk, es gibt einige nette Jungs hier...nur um den Richtigen fuer dich selbst zu finden muss man Geduld haben ^^ Einfach umschauen.
    Yep *)

  7. ja das hoff ich doch mal ^^... da muss ich einfach mal warten bis ich wieder genug Geld zusammen habe um wieder nach Japan gehen zu können. ^^
    Lg Bibi (^_^)

  8. Oh man, das sind immer so schöne Bilder, die du machst!!!!
    Da wird man richtig neidisch!
    Ich will auch!!!!!
    Ich liebe Shrines!!! xDDDDD

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)

  9. I've never been to Kamakura (just the ocean near by... never the actual... daibutsu parts) and I'm going to go during Golden week~ I'm so excited! Looking at your photos makes me a little sad that I missed it with all of the cherry blossoms in bloom... but I'm still excited :D

    Welcome back to Japan! I was trying to leave some comments on your other posts, but firefox wasn't working and I couldn't post comments on blogger. Finally it's fixed!

    How did your boyfriend's job go???? Good luck to him!

  10. @Caroline Josephine
    Kamakura is simply wonderful. I love this city. Wish I could get a house there XD
    I hope you`re lucky with the weather. I bet you will fall in love with this place like I have :)

    I will update about his new job and everything this week :)