Donnerstag, 21. April 2011

In about 3 months I will finally graduate my German university XD
Due to the BA-thesis there are no big updates in the past days...I`m sorry.

Anyway, Yoshi`s new job is challenging. He is the only who who wasn`t attending university before and so he needs to study a lot more than the other 2 new ones.
But he is getting used to it day by day. At the moment he is mostly checking out the new houses of his company, trying to remember all facts and gets to know customers. We`re both looking forward to Golden Week and more free time together :) Happily his working time has changed. He starts at 9.45am and comes home around 8pm ^o^ And of course the salary is a lot better than before. We will be able to choose a great apartment
in summer ^^

Yesterday was his first day off and since the weather was nice we went out for a walk. There is a huge park close to our house, but we have never been there since Peko loves children and there are two playgrounds....which means stopping every three seconds because the kids want to touch Peko and he doesn`t want to walk on because he loves to take the center stage XD  Well, it took a long time for us to walk through it, but Peko was satisfied.
Later we end up for for dinner at a nice Cafe with the biggest Parfait I`ve ever eaten XD It took us 30 minutes to finish it, but was totally worth the fight XD

Fish kiss XD


  1. I'm glad that your boyfriend's job is going well! Good luck to him!

  2. @Caroline Josephine
    Thanks ^^ Yeah...let`s hope it won`t become too stressful to him.

  3. wuau good luck & its great that your boyfrind job is going well n.n

    *.* aww so lovely you too in the last picture n.n

    Yes, I`m also glad he likes it.
    Thanks XD

  5. Welcome back:D You always post such cute purikura pictures!