Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

Hey guys ~~~

At first, thanks a lot for following me. I was shocked when I saw the number "77" ~ I haven`t checked the number of the followers for the past months and so it was a nice suprise. Well, if we hit the golden "100" I`ll think of some kind of suprise for you :)

Actually I don`t have much time now since I`m heading off to Shimokitazawa to eat waffles with Cori ~ and I still haven`t prepared my outfit or anything. I LOVE Shimokitazawa. Since I live in Sangenjaya, it`s really close and I just have to take the bus for 7 minutes to go there.
I will try to take many photos although the weather seems bad today... =  no photo mood  XD

Yesterday we had a small "German"meeting in Shibuya. Kerstin, Katrin&I enjoyed some hours at Starbucks. It was really nice and we have to repeat this session again :)

At night Yoshi and I had to do some necessary shopping. I`m crazy about having wonderful smelling laundry and in the past I have checked various Japanese softeners. Since the Japanese washing machines are really old school (not hot water!) and we dry our laundry outside the smell is really imperceptible...which is something I can`t stand. I need the bloomy smell of fresh laundry in my closet! 1000% power smell. I`m a junkie in such things...and so after buying other softeners the past two months I came back to`s my No.1 and although the price is killing me (800Yen/bottle, at Donky Hot sometimes 500Yen) I can`t live without it XD
Afterwards we had some dinner and relaxed at home ~

Ok, I`m getting late XD  

Odaiba 2010 ~~ Peko`s eyes are LOL!
I`ve found this purikura yesterday XD


  1. Haha, we other people on the other end of the world like reading about japanese everyday life :) I think I've never commented between, hello!

    And just. Shimokitazawa. I think I love and miss that place as much as Osaka. Such relaxing times.

  2. @ Anchu

    Hello ~ nice to meet you :) was the same for me when I was still in junior high and Japan was far away.
    I`m really glad to meet such nice people through this blog.

    Hope u can come back soon :)