Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

♥♥ Chilling at home~~  

Peko is still at the pet hotel since we decided to go out last night. Karaoke, little bit shopping&dinner. 

It started to snow around 6pm and we were shocked HOW much it was snowing.  It killed my hair style and our way back home was quite funny since the streets were so slippery.
After a short time the streets in Tokyo were covered by a white blanket. I remember last year in February there was one night where it was snowing a little, but last night was really a big surprise. We made a short stop at Tsutaya, wanted to rent "The Lady&the tramp" since we were in the mood for a sweet and cute Disney movie. Valentine`s kitsch XD
Sadly it was out of stock and so we went for a Horror movie XD (what an alternative! But it was pretty good...) 
My mother&father are thinking to visit Tokyo in March for about  10 days.  I was quite surprised about it since they prefer laying in the sun whole day in Spain or Thailand, but since they have never been to Japan before, they want to give it a try. Since Yoshi`s work is really busy, he couldn`t visit Germany and so it will be their first meeting. You can imagine how nervous he is ^^;  He is already thinking about getting a whole new outfit. Anyway, I will get to know about their arrival date this week. I`m pretty looking forward to it, since we will make a lot of trips&it`s time to enjoy some traditional culture things instead of Shibuya everyday.
I hope I will get to know about my scholarship in the end of February...we want to change the apartment as soon as possible. When my parents arrive I don`t want to carry Peko all day with me. And the pet hotel is only for special days since he is a family member and I don`t want to give him away that often. 
 Here are some purikura ~~  
Pair cups

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