Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011

These days the weather is so fine ~ so we changed our plan of going shopping in Shibuya and made a loooooong walk to Shimokitazawa since Yoshi wanted to eat "special cheese cake" with me. I had no idea until we had entered the Cafe. Cafe North Side has the BEST cheese cake ever ~

We checked out some apartments, had some coffee and dinner at Saizeriya&relaxed.Later we went to Setagaya Koen together. Nobody was there...pretty romantic sitting there and watching how the first stars said "hello Tokyo" ~
All in all a 8km walk XD  But it was so nice. I`m longing for spring :)

At one book store we had a short stop since I was looking for a book with Kanji. My Kanji level is still beginner&I want to improve my skills since I have two more weeks holiday and nothing to do XD

My Facebook Friends will know about this already, but Peko-kun has caught a cold. He is sneezing a lot, also coughing. Since he is eating his food&is playing I don`t think it`s that worse. I`m not a fan of over-reactions and I barely go to visit a docotor if I have caught a cold, but today morning Peko`s eyes were a little bit dry and teary...I know a lot of チワワ dogs have those problems. Although he is a mix, his Chi-gens are really strong, but I have a strange feeling those teary eyes are caused through his cold. So I will visit the doctor with him today and later I will meet Kerstin for a hang-out in Shibuya ~~

My parents will come to Tokyo in 2 weeks and so I need to make a kind of plan where to go and what to do ~ I`m looking forward to hang out with them in my city ~


  1. Oh I think a long walk for cheese cake is totally worth it XD And its so nice walking in Japan I think^^ The food looks great.

    I'm sorry to hear Peko has been sick, thats so sad TT

  2. @さらまり
    Yeah...I always walk home from the station instead of taking the Setagaya-sen...those 15 minutes are great :)

    Thanks, but he will be fine! He has caught a cold and his eyes+throat have a small infection. After one week and some pills he will be fit again ^^It`s his first winter and he seems a little bit sensitive.

  3. hey, ich habe dich für den versatile blog-award nominiert :3

  4. Aaaw your life look so terribly cute and fluffy~ (and yummy? Food!)

    Apart from the sick Peko that is, much less cute. But he still look like he's kicking it nonetheless! XD

  5. I think walking is definitely worth it for a cake! It's good exercise so it's a good activity when you're bored. And it's especially fun when you're with someone you love :3

    I hope Peko feels better soon!

  6. The weather looks beautiful! You and your boyfriend are always so cute together *_____* WOW yummy foods I want some!

  7. @ Dorotea Time
    Echt lieb ~ aber du magst jetzt lachen, aber ich hab von Blog Awards null Ahnung. Auf welchen Blogs gibt`s das? Mach ich da automatisch mit? ^^ Danke dafuer ~ und ich folge dir ^o^
    Dein Blog sieht sehr interessant aus. Ich check den mal ^.^

    A cute and fluffly life...that sounds so sweet ^^
    And yeah...Peko is totally fine again ;) Like a Pikachu.
    I like the photos of your style ^-^ Nice blog!

    Oh yes ~ since tomorrow`s weather will be really warm, we`re thinking to make a walk again. But this time in Odaiba ^.^ I`ll follow you.

    Thanks a lot :) But I love your style, too! You`re so cute!

  8. Das ist aber nicht schön, dass euer Hundi krank ist =(
    Ich hoffe ihm geht es bald wieder besser ^^
    Und ich kann mir gut vorstellen, dass man noch nicht so genau weiß, was man den Eltern dann so alles zeigen soll xDDD
    Aber du machst das schon, da bin ich sicher ^^

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)