Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

Happy St. Valentine

My dear friend Aya`s marriage was last week. Sadly I was still in Germany and couldn`t attend the party. They went to Hawaii for Honeymoon ~~ Nice! I still remember our wild party nights and suddenly she is married! How time has passed by...last week you were still in school, thinking about how your first love will be like and suddenly everyone around you has finished university, is getting married or already have some babies...

Peko-kun on tour XD
Shibuya station always seems very interesting tohim. 

Yoshi has holiday on Tuesday and we`re thinking to go somewhere to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day. Maybe we will end up in Yokohama.
I have bought cute couple cups for us. I will take a photo tomorrow. And since I was busy with university&my last report until Sunday, I simply bought chocolate for him at one of the best chocolate shops in Germany. Never expected paying so much for chocolate, but today I tased one piece and I was amazed XD It`s incredibly tasty.
Next year I will finally live in a bigger apartment&I`ll have an oven to make cake, cookies and all other things ~ Can`t wait! 
Here in Japan everyone is crazy about Valentine`s Day. The boys can`t wait to get tons of chocolate, the girls having so much pressure that they`re starting fights in the department store for the best chocolate boxes or cutest Valentine card (that`s exactly what has happened to me Anyway, I`m not a big fan of this and so Yoshi is my first Valentine in my life XD   St. Valentine was the anniversary day of my ex-boyfriend and me&so we have celebrated this day a little bit different.
Anyway...I hope he will like my chocolate :)  I`m happy to be back in Japan to spend this day with him.

Here are some photos of the masterpieces

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