Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012

What a busy weekend...

I have spent more than five hours at the immigration office to apply for my new visa. In about two weeks I will be able to pick it up. I'm wondering if I will be able to get three years instead of one...
Most of my friends got a one year visa when they changed to the spouse one, but since the whole foreign resident system will change in July I may have good chances to get three years...would be great since I don't want to wait again for five hours next year ^^"
When Yoshi&I arrived home we decided to rent some DVDs but since were both really tired we already went to bed around 9pm...what a healthy life style XD

On Saturday I had a relaxing round of coffee with Yoko&Steffi. Since it's getting warmer and warmer these days I enjoy spending hours outside in a cafe.
Wish there would be no rainy season in front of us -_-

I'm looking forward to next week...wedding planer, the wedding photo shooting&Yoshi's parents will come to Tokyo for a short visit...a lot of events. But at first I'm soooo looking forward to sleep on Saturday ^^"

Cute cookie from Yoshi's friend :)

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