Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Hello rainy season...I haven't missed you at all -_-"

Since most of the kids in my class are sick I got a bad cold again. I feel I'm a big bacteria...
My coughing keeps me away from sleeping and so I feel tired and stressed in the morning. Happily the past two days it became a little bit better. I just want the summer to show up...and that the rainy season will be short this year.
This week I have a lot of stuff to do...between work, meetings for work,overtime hours, work after work and of course work (...endless repeat), I have to prepare for the photo shooting on Saturday.
Yoshi's parents will stay in a hotel in Shibuya until Sunday. I haven't seen them for six months, so I'm looking forward to this weekend a lot.
Friday afternoon I will get my extensions&hopefully have a little time for a coffee with Steffi.

My weekend's highlights were watching movies&staying in bed, but yesterday Yoshi&I had another meeting with our wedding planer. We already were able to set up the schedule for the party&now we just need to prepare the details. It's amusing how relaxed Yoshi&I are thinking about everything while our lovely wedding planer is pretty nervous...it's her first international wedding party&it seems she really wants to plan every little minute of the four hours schedule...very very Japanese ;) Sweet.

Afterwards Yoshi&I just ate dinner&ice cream. Yoshi loves my camera and is playing with it a lot...so here are some photos. I need to go now ~ my laundy is calling :)

And here the tiara ~ a present from Yoshi since I don't own any accessories
for my wedding yet... ^^"

Happy XD

Fail...but somehow a nice effect XD

Stalker photo.... -_-"


  1. Hey, vielleicht möchtest du auch deine Meinung zu meinem neuesten Post machen? Würde mich freuen, du lebst ja auch in Japan^^

  2. Ach ihr beiden seid so süss ♥ Mein Mann und ich hatten letzten Donnerstag bereits ersten Hochzeitstag. Die Zeit rennt so schnell!! Es ist der Wahnsinn. Die Tiara ist sehr hübsch, sieht toll aus! Ich wünsche dir gute Besserung!!
    Liebe Grüße