Sonntag, 27. Mai 2012

From Yoshi's sweet!
 Wow, what a beautiful weather today ~~

Steffi&I spent the whole day in a Cafe and later on the can feel the summer coming ^-^

Anyway, tomrrow Yoshi&I will do some shopping and maybe have the chance to watch "Men in Black 3"...can't wait for it :) I totally adore Will Smith&MIB has always been one of my favourite movies.
Steffi gave me such a cute neckchain ~~

Same face...that's my dog XD


  1. Hihi dein Hund ist echt sooo putzig!
    Das Geschenk von Yoshis Restaurant ist ja echt schön, voll lieb gemacht ♥ Macht ihr eigentlich Flitterwochen? Und wenn ja: wo?
    Alles Liebe ♥

  2. Peko kawaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!1 *______________________*