Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

I can see the weekend in front of me...yesssssss ~~

Since I have started working as teacher I don't have much time for going out on weekdays because I still help out at Starbucks once or twice per week...but weekends are LOVE XD

Today Yoshi and the boys of the restaurant of his part-time job decided to visit the sports' game centre. You can play all kind of sports until 5 am for just 1000 Yen.
He was begging me to join but I have to admit that playing soccer and tennis from 11pm-5am isn't my style XD  A kiss from the lazy side of life...also getting up at 8am for work was one reason...I'm always tired in the morning, no matter what ~ maybe my body is longing for spring ^-^ Or I simply should try to go to bed around the past days I always end up at 1am...which isn't that nice...

I also took a photo for Yoshi's staff room today. Here is the very random photo ~

This one was a mistake, but I really love it...beautiful

Two weeks ago Steffi&I decided to visit a wig shop and I found such a nice one...I just had to take it home! I didn't get a chance to take a good photo yet...this one is taken with my crappy old cell-phone&on a toilet which had red light...
So the photo's colour is a little bit strange.
Actually the wig looks like my real hair colour&it's so nice having long hair again...wish my hair wouldn't be that thin and short ^^"

Yoshi and I are thinking to go to a professional photo studio in April or May and take some wedding photos beforehand. I heard most studios offer extensions in the styling-set, so at least in my wedding photos I will have long hair ~ ^.^

And now...the Peko-Pokemon again XD  I love his expressions...

One month left until my family will be here...and I hope I have some time to go shopping for
 spring fashion next week ~

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  1. Die Perücke finde ich super :))

    yeah this 'mistake' photo is great! Er sieht aus wie ein Popstar :3

    Wie lange bist du jetzt eigentlich schon in Japan?


    Lg Bibi ♡