Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Yahoooooo ~

We were lucky this Monday and could eat lunch at Yoshi's restaurant ~ since it's a pretty expensive place we rarely go there. It was a wonderful lunch...wish everyday would be like this XD

Pizza, Pasta, much as we like. And of course the dessert...which was amazing, too.
Afterwards we watched "Time" since Yoshi had some free tickets from his friend. It was pretty ok except one fact: Running like crazy on 15cm high heels is simply...stupid. I mean, if I know I have to run to save my life, I would simply throw my heels away...even if they were from Manolo Blahnik XD

A new version of my favourite cookies..
Monster Coala eating the Fuji...hehehe...

On Wednesday the boys of Yoshi's restaurant had a soccer game against some other restaurants. It was their first one...and I love my loser team XD  LOL ~ here the very sporty group photo~

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  1. wow das Essen sieht so lecker aus *-* wieso sieht Essen nie so schön in Deutschland aus? XD
    Der Link funzt übrigens nich :( aber macht nix^^