Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

Hey guys ~

Greetings from the cold Germany. I haven't been here for almost six months and so I enjoy being home a lot.

I have finally found a great present for Yoshi. Since I've bought him his beloved Vivienne Westwood wallet last Christmas, it was difficult to choose what kind of present would be good this year...and happily I have found the right one ^-^
Anyway, pictures will follow on Christmas.

I have also bought more than 7kg (!) of Christmas sweets...6kg just for my work, Yoshi's work&our friends. 1kg for Yoshi XD He is a chocolate junkie.

On Monday I'm thinking to get myself an IPod Touch since I could use the W-Lan connection in Japan...using Facebook and other things in my free time in train or at my break time would be really nice. Having an IPhone in Japan is really expensive and so I prefer my old&crappy prepaid one instead of paying 7000 Yen per month... XD  Having an IPod Touch could save this money due to my portable W-Lan egg from EMode = free internet

Last night Yoshi and I had a long Skype session. I can't believe that I will return to Japan in just four days...spending one week in Germany is pretty short...I hope next year we both can return and spend at least 10 days here.

Tonight I will decorate the Christmas tree with my family. I am really looking forward to it...while I was an university student&lived in my own apartment I always came home around December 23rd and the tree was already prepared...tonight I will feel like I am 10 years old again ~

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  1. Aw so happy you're able to be with your family during this time of year, and germay is so beautiful during this time !! I wish I could be in Germany right now ^^ It's still very sunny and somewhat warm here in Southern California !! Have a safe flight!