Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Hello guys ~

Hope you had a nice start into the "real" Christmas season... (not the fake one which starts somewhere in the middle of September with annoying Christmas songs and chocolate everywhere XD) ^^

I will return to Germany for one week to visit my family the day after tomorrow. I have brought some special presents here and I hope they will like them.

Today I had work from 9am to 6pm...working on weekends isn't fun. I somehow feel whole Tokyo wants to get a coffee at my Starbucks every weekend XD  Busy as hell. 
So while I was walking to my work place, I had a wonderful meeting with a big, fat, snowy...



Mount Fuji!

I live on the borderline betweenKangawa&Tokyo...and if I walk 15m from my house I can have a stunning view on Mount Fuji :)

My next update will be from Germany. Hope you will enjoy the trip from the biggest city to my pretty plain home town XD

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