Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

It seems the Halloween trend is getting bigger here in Japan. Today there were a lot of Halloween parties for families&kids and many people were wearing costumes.

Well ~ Steffi and I had a club night yesterday. My first real Halloween in Tokyo since the past years I was either sick or a typhoon destroyed my clubbing night XD It was amazing ~ great music, nice people. We already entered Club Camelot in Shibuya around 10pm...normally we arrive around 0.30am ~ but  there was a "Ladies free until 11pm"-special ;)
Sadly poor Yoshi was sick and had to stay at it was a real Ladies Night :)  We've got to know nice girls and stayed almost five hours, returing home with a taxi around 3 am.
I had to work today...and also finished (deadly tired) one homework for graduate school...but even though I am looking forward to my bed right was totally worth it XD

My two sick with fever&the other sleepy like always
Choco-Cheesecake...ohhh yesss....

That's my way to finish a homework... XD


  1. Hahahaha! I love the way you write and your pictures! XP
    Here in Spain the Halloween trend is also getting bigger! (Almost everybody likes cosplaying, I'm sure :P)
    Poor Yoshi! Hope he'll get over soon!

  2. WAHHHHHHHHHHHH! I keep reading blog posts about Halloween & how people are attending parties, dressing up & all that .. why cant it be like that in Australia :( le sigh!

    Glad to hear you had heaps of fun with your girls! Its always worth the hangover & feeling tired when a good night is involved ;) hehe

    I hope Yoshi makes a speedy recovery as well !


  3. @Mikirin
    Thanks ~
    Yes, somehow Halloween is the new trend ^^ It's nice to see how the world becomes more international and even festivals are shared by various cultures which don't have the same background...

    Oh really? I thought you're celebrating Down Under ;)
    But I hope you had a nice weekend, too... :)

  4. At first it's great that you had some amazing time! ^-^
    And then I thought I give it a try and ask you something regarding japanese. Actuelly I just want to ask if you could tell me the romaji for this one "青春応歌". I know that the first 2 kanji are Seishun but I don't know the other two. It would be amazing if you could help me!! ^-^
    Wish you a nice day!