Mittwoch, 12. Oktober 2011

What a beautiful October day ~
Sunny, was fantastic to walk home after work.

Anyway, my university has started. I have finally obtained the whole material for the Open University classes. I had some problems in September, since the university made a mistake with my graduation certificate...they wanted me to do a BA degree instead of the Master ^^" Sorry guys...I already have one... XD
Now everything is ok, but sadly most of the books arrived really late. I will become busy starting from next week...two homeworks in front of me.

In one class I need to make a blog about some topic with an educational sciences background...any idea? XD  At the moment I'm thinking to make a blog offering some information about graduate schools in Japan which have some degree courses in English...

On Monday it was Yoshi's and my day off. Yoshi really wanted to buy some boots and a new jeans&so went to Shibuya in the late afternoon. He was lucky and got some nice things.

Later we had dinner&a nice chill-out at Frames!



  1. Aiai, Master, muss anstrengend sein! Gutes Durchhaltevermögen wünsch ich dir!♥
    Packst du sicher!
    und ich finde deine Idee für die Arbeit (den Blog? :D ) ist gut! Würd ich machen X3

  2. So ein Fehler von denen ist natürlich blöd.. xD
    Aber gut, dass doch alles geklappt hat ^^ Und viel Erfolg bei deiner Arbeit, wenn du dann ein festes Thema hast ;)

    ...und wieso esst ihr immer so leckere Sachen >___<

  3. If you are interested in uni's that have MA/MBA offered in English, in countries that are not English speaking, you should check out IE in Spain :)

  4. @Kanako
    Danke ^^

    Yep...aber was will man ohne Studiengebühren erwarten?! XD

    @Ms. Godzilla
    Sounds interesting, but since I live in Japan I need to write about something which is realted to my daily life here&offers a direct connection to classes&teachers for interviews&photos :)

  5. You and your boyfriend are so cute!

  6. @bloomzy
    Thank u ~~~ you too :) I like your blog!!

  7. Aw you always take the cutest purikura!

    So are you registered asa Japanese citizen at your UNI? Or just an exchange student? I'd like to know about Graduate Programs in Japan but I'm afraid I'd need to deal with it with my American Uni! What have you done?? >< My Japanese is nowhere near fluent, although I am pretty good in conversation. I'd love if you'd made a blog post about it!