Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Hi :)

Hope you had a great start into your summer holiday.

Many of you want to see photos of the new apartment. Well, three weeks ago I have posted some pics of the apartment without our furniture. So you can already see a little ;)  I want to make a detailed post when we have got our new furniture. Most of them will arrive in the beginning of October, so you need to be a little patient about it.

Today Yoshi&I had a little time and we brought his old books to Book Off&found a really cheap Karaoke Box close to our house. They offer a 2 hours-free cake&drink-special until 6pm for only 400 of course we had to give it a try. It's really nice over there...but we felt like a senior couple since most of the customers were 14~17 years old school kids XD

Afterwards I had to go to work...tomorrow will be the last day of my tranining camp.
At night we decided to order some food and tried out the Paella Service....which was a big fail XD Cold, simply not tasty...and we had to order a pizza since we were still hungry...well...eating Spanish Paella in Japan is simply the wrong idea ^^; 


  1. die gegend sieht echt toll aus o(^-^)o
    saizeriya essen liefern lassen ist auch recht ok ww

  2. Gorgeous pictures! This is the neighborhood you live in now? So beautiful!! It looks very different from the Japan I saw when I visited.

    The karaoke is SO cheap! That's crazy! Cake must be great~

  3. @Rina
    Jaaaa...toll hier :)
    Leider wars nicht Saizeriya...und deswegen auch so unlecker und überteuert XD

    Thanks :) Yes, it's Setagaya, very close to Yokohama.
    I love Setagaya-ku. I understand why it's the most popular place to live from all of the areas in's so clean and green here.
    You get a feeling like you're not in a big city:)

  4. wow~ da wohnt ihr ja wirklich in ner schönen Gegend!
    Karaoke für 400 yen... wie cool ist das denn xD
    ok... dann weiss ich jetzt Bescheid... keine Paella vom Lieferdienst (^___~)
    Wir gehen jetzt übrigens doch schon im Herbst nach Japan zurück :D :D
    Kanns kaum mehr erwarten!

  5. @Lisa

    Hehehe XD Nee...lieber nicht. Obwohl die Pizza vom Lieferdienst hier lecker ist ^^

    Echt? Wann genau? Wohin? Details plz ~~ ;)
    Ich hoff wir sehen uns dann.
    Du kannst mir gern ne E-Mail schreiben. Deine werden aufs Handy weitergeleitet ^.^v