Montag, 15. August 2011

We are back from our trip to the home town of my by and I have to say to say that it was really fantastic to meet his old high school friends, his more than lovely family&seeing the place where he has grown up...

Kouchi is a really green and beautiful part of Japan with a lot of fantastic places&of course the home of Ryoma Sakamoto, a famous Samurai who is one of the pioneers of the Meji period.

Beside sightseeing, we also went to Yoshi's high school, had a nice nomikai with his old friends. I've got to know his grandparents, too. His grandpa is an architect who has worked in Germany around 1940 and so we had a lot to talk about. When we left, he gave me 30.000Yen for our apartment...everyone in Yoshi's family is so thoughtful and kind (;_;)

Anyway, here are the photos of our trip ~ 

Some photos of our apartment decoration. Everything will be white-black, in a mix of modern and old European style ~~ at the moment there is still a lot of stuff missing since we have ordered it just some days when everything has arrived, I will make a detailed update ^^

One the way to the airport ~

Ryoma Sakamoto ~

For more photos please see the next post :)


  1. Aww glad you had a lovely time! What a coincidence that his grandfather was in Germany XD

    And I love the interior of your place! I love the European feel to it :) My room is almost the same! Half Japanese and half European style XDD Can't wait to see more!

  2. Cool cushions! I blog current Japanese beauty secrets and rank it, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  3. Habt ihr aber schön dekoriert!! Bin gespannt wie die Wohnung aussieht, wenn ihr fertig seit!! :D

    Wenn ihr irgendwann nochmal hinfahren solltet, lass uns uns irgendwo treffen :3