Samstag, 2. April 2011

I've booked a flight back to was incredibly expensive -_-"  In the past 8 years I have never paid that much for a flight back to Japan...
The scholarship offers just a small amount of money ~  120.000 Yen (1200Euro)...I was really disappointed.
The living expenses in Tokyo are really high...and since I need to buy an airplane ticket on my own, it's nearly nothing (100 Euro ^^").
In the beginning we were told that we'll obtain 1200 Euro for the ticket+ 1000 Euro for the 2 months. Now they won't pay the ticket which means a lot of students won't be able to return to Japan...

Happily I don't have to pay any rent since I can live with my boyfriend but those who don't have this luck are in big troubles. The cheapest guest house room in Tokyo is around 400~500Euro/month... 

Anyway, I will return on Wednesday and arrive on Thursday in the late afternoon.

My three best friends...I need to finish my BA-thesis until June and so I'm working with them everyday ~


  1. Congrats on returning to Japan + scholarship! That money situation sounds so tough... it really is such a shame! :(

  2. @みか☆ちゃん
    Thanks a lot ~
    Yeah...the German foreign office says something about 1000 Euro/month for living expenses in Tokyo...this already too less. If you need to rent an apartment, travel by train everyday...I think 1300 Euro/month is realistic...