Freitag, 1. April 2011

Going back to Tokyo ~

Today I've finally received the E-Mail from my university according the scholarship for my BA-thesis...
And yes ~ I'll get the money and I'll be able to return to Tokyo next week.
The E-Mail is one month too late and I'm soooo tired of the students' service at my university...well, I'll graduate in June, so no need to get mad now.

The situation in Japan isn't the best yet and proberly won't become perfect again...experts are talking that it may take up to 50 years until Fukushima will be "finally cold" = safe... -__-"  
Of course my family is worried of me going back that soon, but I have the feeling it'll be ok. On the other hand nobody is able to say when the safety level at Fukushima will be up to 70~80% again. Some say it may take years.
Since I can't throw away my life there, I need to live with the risks and I'm thinking to go back around Wednesday.

Yoshi and I are planning to celebrate our anniversary day in Odaiba, since it was the place of our first date, too. 
Next week Friday will be a special day to me and I hope I can relax at little...being in Germany doesn't give me the feeling of being safe at all since I'm getting crazy here...spending hours in front of the PC, talking to Yoshi through Skype...without him I don't feel safe or happy at all. And without being in Japan I really don't have the motivation to do anything...

Many of my friends are going back to Tokyo, too. I'm really looking forward to meet them. We all had a really hard time of going back, saying goodbye to the ones we love or losing our job through our short vacation in Germany...

Anyway, I'm SO looking forward to the cherry blossoms.
I hope we all will have a wonderful spring. And please support the Red Cross and their projects in Japan. Even though the media isn't talking about it anymore it doesn't mean everything is OK.

I hope my next entry will be straight from Tokyo with lots of nice photos :) Please follow me.


  1. Congrats! I hope you have a safe flight and update us on your status! ^3^

  2. I'm glad to hear you can go back and that you'll be graduating so soon! I know fukushima isn't 100% safe, but I think its as best as it can get and it won't harm anyone in Tokyo unless something changes suddenly.