Samstag, 9. April 2011

Hello ~~ with a pretty spring breeze :)

At first:
My sweet Steffi became 22 years old ^o^ I hope we can hang out soon again... 
Since high school you`re always by my side and I really love you ^^

I`m working on the books for my scholarship project since I`m already awake at 8 am. Pretty early for me ^^;  But I finally have the motivation to do it.
And I`ve checked some things for the Waseda Graduate School...after all, I`m thinking to apply this year. I`ll graduate with an A (average of 1,3 in the German grading system) and I think it would be pretty sad if I don`t try to achieve more than my teacher`s license.
Steffi`s birthday muffin @ Germany

Of course I will wait how the radiation levels will look like after 2 months. If they are increasing Yoshi and I are thinking to go back to his family in South Japan. Even though it would mean he has to lose his new job, his priority is our life`s quality and safety.
As long as we`re together, we will be fine everywhere. Yoshi has a friend in Nagasaki and if the levels are getting bad for Tokyo, we were thinking to go there. 
But let`s hope for the best :) The American company my father`s working for is dealing with analysis machines for radiation and elements in food, chemical substances and water. It`s good staying informed with real facts.

I`m glad seeing foreigners staying with their Japanese families, too (although some NEWS say the opposite...). I had a great talk with an American last night whose wife is Japanese and doesn`t want to leave her parents in Sendai behind. So they decided to stay, although his family back in America is going crazy. He said Japan is his home for more than 12 years now and he could never leave his family behind. Even though he is worried, he finds the safety in his beloved ones.
Maybe that`s what life see the real value of it in the pessimistic moment when you have to decide who you put first. Yourself or the one in front of you. That`s what love is about. Not being able to think as rational as you normally do. And being loved in the same way back.
For those foreigners who don`t see Japan as a big shopping centre or amusement park for their spring holidays, those who have a real life here, with family&friends, a job...for those, the 03/11 was/is a big test of their staying power...I`m impressed how many want to stay although the pressure from their families abroad is that huge.
I hope I can become a person who can trust her heart that much that I won`t be afraid to move on. Even if it`s the wrong decision and I end up heart-broken, sick, lonely...whatever. As long as I stay true to myself&feelings. I really respect this man :)

Anyway ~ now a topic change.
The Sakura is beautiful :)  I was again really happy seeing them as beautiul as the past years.
Yesterday was also my anniversary day. Yoshi and I decided to stay in bed the whole day. We had so many things to talk about...talking through Skype everyday for hours isn`t the same. It felt simply good being together.
We wanted to buy some small presents. Something which is useful. I don`t think the anniversay day should be abused with expensive presents...and we both wanted something which appreciate the meaning of being a couple. We headed to OIOI and looked for key holders since we will move to a new apartment in summer. Sadly they were already closed and so we simply took some purikura, ate dinner in the restaurant of our first date (great choice!) and relaxed at home.
Seems like we will get our presents at Monday XD
But I`m glad that the "save energy" projects around the town are working that well...
even though it means that shops close earlier.

Everyone have become so frugal...I`m impressed.

Next week we want to rent a car and check out the cherry blossoms in Kamakura ~~ I can`t wait! We`ve planned this trip for months. I hope I can take many photos then.

Ok ~~ Now I need to continue with my thesis :)

First purikura together = FAIL XD


  1. Well I'm glad you've made a choice to have your loyalties stay with your bf and stay in Japan! I wish you the best of luck :)

    It would be very unfortunate if you had to leave Tokyo and him leave his job, but if it means a better life and safety, then I would do it ^^

    Those purikura are too cute!

  2. So happy to see you're back safe and sound! Good to see you so happy with your bf again, too <333

    We need to have a meet-up soon! :3

  3. @ みか☆ちゃん
    Well, I have been to Japan for more than 7 years now...even without bf, I would have returned due to my university schedule. And I really want to go to graduate school here.
    Yoshi is a wonderful, big bonus, but all in all I think I couldn`t erase Japan that easily, even if there was no Yoshi ^^ ...I mean, if I were in the same position like the American guy, having a wife and kids...working here for years...I wouldn`t have returned, too. It`s a thing about "home", which inlcudes all feelings...also the longing for normality and peace in the familiar place.
    Would we leave our houses, our property behind if 300km away something like this happens? I bet a lot of foreigners wouldn`t do this. As long as you`re not in an evacuation zone, no insurance will pay your loss...and in this case, I bet most foreigners in Europe and America wouldn`t leave their homes behind, too. We simply can`t quit life that easily...especially if we have no basic for a new start...

    But sure! Health is the most important thing. Today I checked our contamination meter close to our house. The levels have dropped again in our neighbourhood...let`s stay positive :)
    Happily Yoshi and I don`t own a house here, so if the levels are increasing we can move away easily...but I`m sorry for those who can`t...

    @miss waaave ♪
    Thanks :) Sure!!! Let`s hang out ~~ ^^

  4. Let's! What days are usually best for you? I'm busy next weekend but the weekend after I'm free! ♥

    Message me on FB if you'd like too. Though I'm ignoring my FB wall I still check my messages. :3