Freitag, 25. März 2011

A must-read article from Washington Post :)

"Why I'm not fleeing Japan"

Thanks to Cori, owner of "Baby Pink, Baby!" ~~


  1. Thanks for the article~~it was an interesting read and gives you great insight :)

  2. Reading stuff like that does make me feel a bit better. I'm less worried about immediate danger and more about what could happen later. The water (showers/baths/teeth brushing) for example kind of worries me but I'm not nearly educated enough on the topic to make any of my own ideas about it...

    But I want and need to believe that things will get better. I hope when we get back we can have a meet-up! ♥

  3. @みか☆ちゃん
    @miss waaave ♪

    Don't worry, the water level is back to normal in Tokyo :)
    But the after-effects are a problem. Especially to pregnant women.
    I know the chances of getting a baby with abnormity is really high if some of them want to stay close to the N-Plant...
    I just hope the situation in Tokyo will stabilize more and that they won't make a mistake with the food...if the contaminated reaches Tokyo's restaurant or is send abroad, it'll become a big problem and they will lose a lot of money.
    Japan's guidelines are very strict (for example Europe our maxi-level is 300, Japan's 100...), but if they just make one little mistake, the foreign media will destory Japan's food industry.

    I'm wondering why Kan and the government isn't asking for more support from the USA or Europe. Everyone knows TEPCO is having a hard time to get the whole situation under control and it seems that even after 2 weeks the improvments are tiny. Some expertes think it'll take months if they continue in this speed.
    This would affect the whole economical situation in Tokyo and a lot of people won't come to the capital anymore, including important business partners.

    Everyone is tired and want to realx finally...
    The scars of the Tsunami will last for a while, so at least everyone hopes the N-Plant problem will be over soon...

    I'm still wondering if I can return next week...the German embassy still advices to stay away from Tokyo as long as there is no real all-clear from the Japanese side...