Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

I'm sorry for the lack of updates...

Since I'm Germany I feel a lot more depressed and frustrated than being in Japan, just a few kilometres away from one of the world's biggest catastophe's areas...
Since my university hasn't started yet, my daily life is controlled by checking the media. Since I don't have trust in any TV channel around, I follow Reuter's Live Ticker, which gives a lot of information about the N-Plant situation in Fukushima.
Please take a look if you want to have serious information, followed with comments by people living around the world and in Japan. It's my only hope these days and helps me a lot to feel informed.

Tomorrow I will have an interview with a German newspaper about the whole situation in Japan. While everyone is in panic and annoys me with stupid comments about cancer and other risk, I hope I can give a statement about Japan not as person who enjoys buying fashion in Tokyo or eating Sushi everyday, but more as a person who lives there, who has a life there which isn't easy or possible to give up.

Next week they will decide about the scholarship for my BA-thesis. It's my biggest wish to obtain this support and return to Japan as soon as possible.
Yoshi and I are doing 4~5 hours of Skype everyday. Since he has got his new job which will start in April, he took some days off work to check out if the situation will be ok or if he needs to return to his family in Koichi.
And of course he spent time with Peko. Happily one of his ex co-workers, who lives in Saitama with his family, will help him out and take care of Peko since Yoshi's part-time job will begin on Saturday. They have another small dog, who loves other dogs. So I hope they get along well for the time I'm absent in Germany...
I just want to return as soon as possible...if everything works out, we're thinking to change apartments in the middle of April ^-^

We have talked about various stuff these days and in this huge crisis, I truly believe that I can't live here in this country...I want to be with Yoshi, even if it'll be a risk to my health XD  Sounds pretty Disney-movie-like, huh? But maybe that's the sweet feeling of loving someone beyond every clear thought.
Yoshi is following the media, too. In case the situation will get much worse, we're thinking to move to Koichi which is pretty far away from everything. Since we're thinking about marriage and children this is a serious concern, although until today there is no need to worry yet. We love Tokyo and hope the levels of radiation won't go up anymore.

(if you have followed the right media, you would know that the risk of dieing of cancer is already around 25%...if you stay in Tokyo for years, it may change up to 25, fact: If you smoke, your chance of dieing of cancer is already much higher than living in Tokyo ^_-  Sorry guys...).

We all hope for the best and I try to update next week when I have some news about my scholarship. Let's pray and think of those poor people in North Japan who don't even have a home to sleep...I think this is much more tragical than counting 0,003% chances of dieing of cancer or 0,005% of getting a sick baby...

With my wig XD What a pretty girl XD

Make me smile ~


  1. I hope everything works out for you both! I know how it must be killing you for not being there :( It does somewhat sound like a Disney movie haha but I'm hoping it will turn out good like a Disney movie does! :)

    Good luck with your University studies! I hope you get into what you wished for~!! <3

    I haven't been following the news like I should have, but from what I'm seeing from you, that is a really scary thing. I really wish the best for those living in the Tokyo + northern Japan area.

    Luckily my boyfriend in Fukuoka right now, so there is no worry for things over there~

    I hope all goes well for you~!!

  2. i also find this situation frustrating, i bought tickets to tokyo one day before all this happened. now it's all so unsure! and the leaving would be in three weeks, but i can't really celebrate it. for example my mom has gone crazy because media here has also given so.. wrong message. even in finland people bought ionide tablets, oh why in the hell :--D
    i just can't cancell my tickets(since they said it's untill 10.4 and mine leaves in 12.4 haha), but i'm not that worried about myself.
    and i've followed also different medias,but i didin't know about that 25% thing! and i'm not totally going to tell my mom either,she would go even craizier haha, but that smoking comment made it look better :D
    i'm just worried about my friend, who's place i'm actually supposed to go, he also got work to do so he can't leave tokyo. it's kind of sad that people there just need to keep on going like they normally do, thought it might be the best also.but at the same time there is so much happening.. so, let's hope things would go towards better soon ..!!

  3. @みか☆ちゃん
    Thanks a lot ~ yes, it seems the level in the water already dropped and the situation is improving day by day. But I bet it's not that easy and we need a final solution which will finally save the big cities around, especially Tokyo. If the levels in the food change again, we get a lot of troubles...but everyone hopes for the best!

    I totally understand you. And of course I understand your mother, too.
    At the moment Tokyo is still save and there is no reason to be worried. You should follow Reuter's Live Ticker or check BBC and other (serious) News channel to get an overview about the situation.
    But if you can change your trip, I would try to go to Japan after August.
    Since the blackouts will come back in summer, I wouldn't advice people to go there for travelling until autumn. It may be a little bit uncomfortable and it will take months to improve the situation in North Japan, but also in Tokyo.
    If you can't change your flight, just try to make the best out of it. I think Tokyo isn't dangerous at all and if the situation won't change, you can spend a normal holiday there without big may have some little negative points like the chaos about the electricity or the trains. But if you like Japan, you will be able to deal with it :)
    We all hope we can enjoy Tokyo like the days before 03/11... :)

  4. i really hope the situation in japan would subside. they already suffered enough. my prayers are with them.

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