Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

♥ 5 days left ~

Today I had an hour Skype session with Yoshi. Since I had university in the morning and afterwards a date with my hair stylist, I came home around 5pm (1am in Japan). But still Yoshi wanted to talk to me. He was nearly falling asleep ~  but only few days left until we're together^^

Tomorrow I have an art project about Japanese street fashion. I may post some photos later.
Afterwards I'll go to the nail salon ~ need gel-nails for Japan. I will choose the simple French style.

Anyway, I will make a bigger update on Sunday showing some clothes which I have bought in the past weeks. And of course starting from next week I will post at least 3x or 4x a week since my life in Tokyo is much more  interesting than sitting whole day in university in Germany XD

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