Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

♥ 3 days left ~~
Christmas 2010 ~ but it looks like 1950 XD
I love those instant camera photos ♥
I'm preparing tons of stuff and I'm really sorry that I don't have enough time to answer the E-Mails to all of you (;_;)
I promise I will try to answer them tomorrow.

It seems Steffi&I will be lucky and obtain the that case I won't return to Germany in March~ I'll simply stay in Tokyo until June  XD  Would be too great. 
Anyway, we will get the letter from our university in the end of February...I hope we'll be choosen ones for the BA-thesis...

Yoshi has sent me the ticket with some photos ~  I will start on Tuesday night and arrive Wednesday afternoon in Tokyo ~~♥