Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

Yesterday we needed to visit the AQS Japan (Animal Quarantine Service) to prepare Peko for his trip to Germany.

It seems difficult to take him with me since his final papers may arrive aound January 9th...and I go back to Germany from January 6th. I could take him with me, but when I return to Japan two months later it will be really difficult since the AQS is really strict and even though Germany and Japan have similar guidances it`s better to have the second anti-rabies inoculation in Japan.

Then I don`t have any waiting time when I return in March (it can take up to 12 hours!
So you need to stay a long time at Narita Airport which is pretty annoying), because I get all papers in Japanese and Peko obtains a double passport (European Pet Passport+Japanese documents which proof he is healthy and bought+raised in Japan) for both countries. So in the worst case I need to change my flight (seems impossible since most tickets are sold out) or Peko needs to be sent through an animal shipping service, which will be about 30.000Yen ^^;  We`ll see...

For those who are planning to buy a pet in Japan and bring it back home...all costs for the passport etc are around 100.000 Yen (1000Euro). So you should think carefully about it. Yoshi saved money for about one year...happily Peko was nearly free due to his sickness in the pet shop, but the cots for the vets and all stuff were incredibly expensive. I still have to buy a transport box for the airplane which will be about all in all we`ve spent about 120.000Yen for Peko already and he still needs to get a final blood test XD    Pretty expensive Christmas gift...

We spent 2 hours in trains...and after 4 hours of waiting, doctor visits and so on we had some free time until we would receive the documents. Since Odaiba was the closest place for a dog walk, we changed trains in Shimbashi and headed to our favourite spot.
In Odaiba we had our first date and also became a couple, so it`s a place full of memories for us.
While we were walking on the beach Yoshi checked the internet for apartments close to Odaiba. Sadly most of them are expensive like hell (30qm =  250.000 Yen ~). But it would be to great living in Odaiba someday...Tokyo Beach in front of you...supermarket, Conbini, restaurants, shops...everything`s there and every night you can have this wonderful  view over Tokyo.

Since we didn`t get any call until 7pm we went to Venus Fort to eat dinner. Peko slept all time because of his 2 hours hardcore running around the beach XD  Too cute.

Venus Fort has a really beautiful Christmas should go there if you have the chance.
At night we picked up the documents and went home...we watched some DVDs from Tsutaya (Christmas movies XD was simply the mood to do it XD) and fell asleep around 4 am...

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  1. Oh man, das ist ja echt kompliziert mit dem Papierkram wegen eures Hundis!
    Ich hoffe, dass sich das alles einrenkt und ihr bald nicht mehr so viel Stress habt! Auch was das Apartment finden angeht!
    Viel Glück bei Allem!

    Liebe Grüße von
    Koko =)