Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Happy St.Nikolaus to everyone ^^

My cellphone doesn`t work since last night because I totally forgot to buy a new prepaid card yesterday...
I will try to get a new one tonight or tomorrow ~~for those who were sending mails to me or called ^^; Sorry ^^;

While we put medicine into Peko`s ears last Friday, he whined a little and what happened?? ^^;  Someone rang the door bell as crazy and knocked on our`s maybe the lady living in the apartment in the first floor (our building has 4 apartments/2 floors, 3 are occupied at the moment while one is still empty). We didn`t open and after 5 minutes the person went downstairs, but it was a big shock to we had to bring Peko over to Yoko`s place for this week. In case someone of the housing association wants to come over and check our place...Japanese people are pretty easy ashamed if something was a mistake, so if they check our apartment this week and find out we have no dog, they will make the lady never call again and when Peko returns this week we hope it`ll be fine. Yoshi also called his friend`s girlfriend who is working at a dog parior. She already has 3 dogs but in case someone will make trouble again she would take Peko until we return to Germany ~~

Last night we checked out apartments and didn`t find any good one...all of them take a deposit of more than 500.000 Yen... we just have 200.000 Yen. Finding a modern house close to Shibuya~Ginza which allows pets seems really really hard... ^^;
Today we thought we have found THAT apartment of our dreams...built in 2006, super modern, small (27qm) but the floor plan was perfect...and NO caution...and the best: It was the ideal location. Directly in front of the Komazawa Olympic Park, close to Shibuya...BUT the housing association lied about the the end it was more than 250.000 and so our dreams died right away....

Furthermore Yoshi can`t return to his job before Christmas due to his health condition. Even though we`re happy about his holiday, it`s really hard for him since his salary will be just 80% this month. Enough to live a good life, but not enough to change apartments that fast....

Anyway....we`re out right now to watch the Christmas illumination together. Need a little happiness ^^ I miss Peko...


  1. The purikura are so cute as always!

    Oh that lady could hear Peko even just a little whine?? Wow, well I know Japanese apartments are not so quiet haha

  2. @さらまり

    Yes ~~ and he is always so quiet ^^; Well, tomorrow I take him home. Until today there was no other call and so I think it will be fine ^^ Can`t wait to cuddle with him again ~~~

    Actually the apartments around us are also pretty washing machine sounds around 3 am or TV sounds in the early morning around 5 ~ Peko can`t be the reason for getting no sleep ;)