Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Good evening ~~

While Yoshi&I  are watching Arashi`s show I`ll do a little update ~~

Pudding got a new cage! It has a integrated floor heating system and Pudding is really happy about it ^^ Finally she isn`t doing violent acts at night like screaming or throwing her food against the wall XD  She`s really a crazy hamster ^^;

Yoko did a great job in taking care of Peko  ^^ He returned happy and energetic like always and finally he is able to do some walks ^^  At night I always walk home from Sangenjaya instead of taking the train. This 20 minutes walk helps him to sleep well ^^
Tomorrow I want to do a walk in the afternoon ~~ but since he is always sleeping until 3 pm (I always thought dogs love to get up early ^^; ) it seems difficult since sunset is already around 5pm  XD

I`ve met Risa ~ She is living close by and we hang out a little. Her sister is studying animal therapy in Germany. While we took purikura she wanted to take two with Peko, too ^^

She keeps three dogs ~~ Next time we will go for a walk together. Finally a walking partner for Komazawa Daigaku Park XD

I can`t wait when we move into the new apartment. Although Peko is that type of dog who isn`t afraid of noisy places I don`t want to take him everyday with me. Well, it`s just for the last three weeks ~~

Yoshi and I went to check out the Christmas illumination in Harajuku and Omotesando ~~
I miss the German Christmas feeling a little...I love the tradtional decoration a lot more than the over-excessive Japanese Christmas, but it gives you a feeling of being in Disneyland 24 hours everyday.... XD

Since Peko is still sick the doctor told me to get him something when his trembling doesn`t I shopped at Omotesando`s Pet Paradise and finally found things in XXS ~~ Now he has  stylish jacket for cold days. Although I`m really against dressing dogs, I understand he needs to be warm ~~ and Yoshi needed something "oshare" yeah XD Here it is ~~

Otousan Nabe Set arrived together with 15kg food from Yoshi`s family ^^ Nice ~~~
 And some happy sleepy Peko pics ~~


  1. you are adorable ♥ and peko is so cutee!!

  2. @EMY
    Thanks ~~ You too ^o^ Love your blog ~

  3. :D so nach längerem stalken muss ich sagen...
    ich bin ein fan von deinem hund ><//

  4. @Hyura Wow, das freut meine Ratte sicherlich XD Ich geb bald Fan T-Shirts in Auftrag ^^
    Joke beiseite ~~ Danke ^o^