Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Finally we had the chance to visit Disney Sea XD
We already wanted to go there in autumn but somehow every free day was busy or the weather was bad.

Yoshi came home really late on Monday and the reason was his stop at the Disney Store ~~

Inside the little Stitch were two passports for Disney Sea ^o^v  What a cute surprise!

We left Peko at the pet hotel close by ( I need to get him today night...he`s always the favorite dog at the shop since he never barks and only sleeps the waiting time away ^^;) and started in the afternoon around 4pm. We had the mood "Just enjoy!" ~~  No big styling, simply having fun together.
It takes about one hour from our place to Disney Sea and while we took the train the rain stopped  ~~ sadly too late for my hair which simply became straight although I had curls at the beginning  XD   So the "non-styling" day was perfect XD

It was always our dream to buy those hats XD  Since Stitch was sold out (I`m a huge Stitch fan ^^;) I went for Minnie & Yoshi got his beloved Winnie Pooh....somehow he was the only guy in whole Disney Sea having this Pooh hat XD  I was amused how many people were laughing at him XD

We really love rollercoasters, but we hate the waiting time ~~ so we just visited various places and took two rides with Indiana Jones+the Volcano thing.
We also watched one of the Christmas shows, which was really nice ~~ I recommend Disney Sea at Christmas! Best kitsch ever ~

Snack time with a sandwich.

Changing hats ~~ XD

My favourite place is still Little Venice ~~ 

The big tree ~~

A very excited Yoshi& a very happy Sarah XD

I hope you have a nice Christmas season ~~ 

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